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New Zealand Citizenship Visa Process from India

Once you’ve lived in New Zealand for a significant period of time, there are a lot of chances that you might want to be a permanent resident of the country. There is no denying the fact that New Zealand is a marvellous place to live. Apart from the great standard of living, the country offers numerous opportunities and quite a range of benefits to its citizens. They incorporate the privilege to travel freely abroad and return on a New Zealand passport, full access to educational scholarships, and also full access to economic rights that are saved for New Zealanders.

Routes of New Zealand (NZ) Citizenship Visa for Indians

There are two possible ways by which you can get the New Zealand Citizenship Visa. These are:

  1. Citizenship by Descent
  2. If you were born overseas then you can qualify for this Visa category only if, one of your parents is a New Zealand Citizen.

  3. Citizenship by Grant
  4. Generally, this is the most common way by which migrants get New Zealand Citizenship Visa.

    The requirements for Citizenship Visa by Grant Visa category are:

    • If you are granted New Zealand(NZ) Citizenship then you must plan to stay living in New Zealand.
    • Before you intend to apply for NZ Citizenship Visa assure that you’ve been living in New Zealand with a residence status of five years before you file your application.
    • You must be proficient enough to speak the English Language so that you can handle day to day situations like shopping, banking etc.
    • You should have good character. As a past criminal record might affect your application.
    • Now that you will be a citizen of New Zealand, you need to understand and abide by all the responsibilities and privileges of the New Zealand Citizenship.

As of now, the Department of Internal Affairs has lately come up with an online service for people wishing to apply for Citizenship by Grant. But, this service is currently open to only individual adults (groups, children, and families will be considered later).

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