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Apply for USA Green Card from India

The US is a wonderful country to be in. Being one of the most powerful economies in the world it attracts many applicants every year to apply for US Permanent Residency. The country has cosmopolitan cities with people coming from every walk of life and hence this makes it easy for the migrants to live, stay, work and study in the US.

The US immigration gives the right to enjoy all the rights and privileges of a US citizen to a US green card also without being a citizen of the US. Let us have a look at the benefits of US Permanent Residency.

Benefits of US Permanent Residency

  1. A US PR Visa gives you the right to work and live permanently in any part of the country. Green Card holders can apply for any job in the US.
  2. If you are a US Green Card Holder then you can also sponsor your family members/relatives to get their green cards. This ensures that if you are living in the US, then your family can also settle and live in the US and enjoy the benefits of a Green Card Holder like you.
  3. US PR Visa/Green Card is a stepping stone to obtaining US Citizenship. Once you have the US PR Visa/Green Card for a minimum of 5 years, you can apply for US Citizenship, which will give you the right to vote or run any office.
  4. You also get to enjoy many other benefits like medical insurance coverage, health benefits, social security benefits, retirement benefits, taxation benefits and many other more benefits.
  5. With a US Green Card/US PR Visa, you can also own firearms, house, cars and other properties in the US and you also have the right to secure financing for these purchases.
  6. Unlike other non-immigrant visas which require renewal after every specific period of time, In the case of Green Card, you will need to renew it every 10 years, which is quite simple and easy.
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