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USA Student Visa Process from India

Aspiring to study in the US? But you are not a US citizen. You will need to apply for a US Student Visa regarding the same. Getting through with the entire visa process is a tedious and difficult task. It is definitely a long process but if you start preparing well in advance like 3 to 5 months before your course is due to start then things become easy and simpler.

There are quite a few steps that we need to take care of while applying for a US Student Visa. These steps tend to differ at each US embassy, hence make sure that you are well versed with all the instructions on the website of the Embassy where you plan to apply. There are three different categories under which you can apply for a US Student Visa.

Types of US Study Visa

  1. F1 Student Visa
  2. This Visa category is for those students who require more than 18 hours of study in a week. All the undergraduate programs as well as graduate programs like MS, MBA fall under F1 Visa Category. Spouses and children who will be accompanying F1 Visa recipients will travel on an F2 Visa. Spouses are not permitted to work under this Visa category but if they intend to they may apply for their own work/study visa.

  3. J1 Exchange Visitor Visa
    • This Visa (J1 Exchange Visitor Visa) is for students, visiting researchers or teachers pursuing an Exchange Program. For instance, numerous understudies on the transient study abroad project from Indian Colleges/Universities will make a trip to the U.S. on a J-1 visa.
    • The J1 visa is generally looked for by a working proficient who goes to America on an Exchange program, thus the name Exchange Visitor Visa. These may incorporate a 10-month professional training or some research fellowship, and so on. Whichever be the situation, the candidates would be told for the equivalent by the respective institutions.
    • Life partners or kids going with J-1 Visa will go on a J-2 Visa. If it's not too much trouble note that life partners can work when permission is gotten ahead of time.

  4. M-1 Vocational/Non-Academic Student Visa
  5. The M1 Visa type is for vocational and technical students. While the entire procedure for applying M1 Visa is the same as that of F1 Visa, the difference comes only at one point i.e when on entering the country M1 Visa applicants get time-stamped that means they cannot overstay their visit which is not in the case of F1 Visa applicants.

Documentation Requirements for USA Student Visa from India

Student Visa expects you to convey significantly a larger number of documents than you would for a travel visa, by examination. You need the compulsory documents alongside supporting reports of financial and scholarly records. Ensure you allude to this agenda before setting off to the office for the visa interview.

  1. A legitimate/valid passport with a legitimacy date, in any event, a half year past your time of remain.
  2. Printed duplicate of DS-160, the online application form.
  3. You need to have in possession Interview Appointment Letter both copies xerox and original.
  4. Present the Form I-20 sent by the school (where you are going to study).
  5. Visa charges instalment affirmation receipt.
  6. Bank statement for at least three years demonstrating that you have enough resources for pay for the first year (could be of parent or guardian).
  7. You also need to have original mark sheets/temporary certificates.
  8. Score sheet of tests like TOEFL, GMAT, IELTS, and so forth.

Evidence of Financial Status for USA Student Visa for Indians

  1. You need to present the Tax Return of the past 3 years.
  2. Bank Statement/Passbook for the past 3 years.
  3. A Statement from a certified CA.
  4. If you have any Scholarship Letter, present it.
  5. In case you have taken any loan from the bank, present the loan approval letter by the bank or relevant authority.

How can we help in US student Visa?

The US is undoubtedly one of the most liked and loved countries by foreign students owing to its seamless academic experience and work culture. The Visa process for any country is not as easy as it seems to be. But we at Proximity Immigration will navigate you through the entire procedure and will assist you in getting in the country of your choice.