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A skilled visa allows skilled people to work and live abroad. This is a points-based visa intended for skilled candidates who have presented an expression of intrigue and got an invitation to apply for the visa.

We at Proximity Immigration help skilled workers of select professions and occupations to apply for a skilled visa based on their abilities alone. This implies they don't need to be supported by an employer or business.

Skilled migrants have exceptionally high participation rates in the workforce, invigorating monetary development, which brings about more occupations. The types of skilled occupations tend to vary from time to time depending on the vacancies hence these changes are reflected in the shifting demand and supply of particular skills in a specific country. A Skilled Worker can live, work and study in the country they opt to go to.

The application process and the requirement of documents for skilled visa application process vary from one country to another. Some prerequisites for this entire process are:

  • You have to possess relevant skills and experience in the occupation that comes up on the Skilled Occupation List.
  • You need to be fluent in English (depends from country to country).
  • You need to have either equal or more than the passing score.

The countries to which we help you get Skilled Visa are:

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • America
  • New Zealand
  • Europe